Shopify Store Design for Cabable

Next Generation Electronics

Cabable was founded by two friends at the University who set out to create the next generation electronics brand that produces stylish and practical essentials for the modern day individual.

Cabable needed a technology partner that can develop their new website to compliment their brand and also come up with a strategic marketing plan that can help launch their brand to the right audience.

The Proposal – Next Generation Electronics

When team Tabaq came onboard, they were thrilled with the concept of launching an electronics brand for a London based company. “Next generation electronics for everyday life, not the everyday person.” slogan defined the design requirements for Tabaq. It had to be minimalist, masculine, bold, modern and yet practical.

The Outcome – Shopify Store Design

Rolling up the sleeves, Tabaq worked closely with the Cabable team to setup the Shopify store and customise the theme to achieve a distinctive look for the electronics brand. Supported by keen attention to detail and quality still photography, the new brand was launched, Cabable. Following that Tabaq has run full campaigns on Google and Facebook generating interest and revenue for the new startup.

Testimonial by tabaq client James Golby of Cabable

– James Golby, Director

Tabaq have been second to none! From the moment we sent an enquiry they called me up to talk about our needs and wants. they happily out forward their opinions as to what they would change regarding our site and never shied away to tell us what we needed to hear. Tabaq clearly has vast knowledge in digital marketing and they communicated this very clearly whenever they needed to explain this to us less experienced in the digit marketing field. We could also call Tabaq up at any point and they would happily walk us through step by step anything we had to do our end. We at Cabable highly recommended Tabaq and will be building a strong relationship moving forward with Tabaq. Thank you, guys.

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