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Thread Tales Company

Thread Tales Company Case Study by Yellow Pixel

The Challenge

No Custom Page Designs in Shopify!

Unlike WordPress, Shopify is an ecommerce platform and out of the box it does not offer any options to create custom page designs. Thread Tales Company source their fabrics from Nepal and wanted to tell stories through a very visual blog. They also wanted a full page width design to create a marketing brochure and educate people about sustainability. These custom requirements could not be met with Shopify static html pages and a bespoke approach was required.

Thread Tales company Custom Stories page and collection by Yellow Pixel

The Solution

Development of Bespoke Page Layouts.

Tabaq had to push the boundaries with the solution required for Thread Tales Company. For the Sustainabilty section, we created a micro site within Shopify using a full page width design. With a deeper level of theme customisation, a responsive design was created to provide a fluid user experience on all devices. The stories section, we created a five column masonry layout to present the blogs with animated GIFs and varied sizes of featured images creating a visual story board. The end users love it. What do you think?

Launch Site

Vanya Oliver - Thread Tales Co

– Vanya Oliver

We had a tight deadline to update our website, and Tabaq were suggested from our previous developers. We are very happy we were directed to them because the team were ready to get on with the work and meet our deadlines. Great communication throughout the process, and extremely easy to work with. Questions were answered very quickly and fully, so there was always a clear understanding. We are very pleased with the results, and highly recommend Tabaq.


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