Accident and Incident Management System


Darlington Borough Council

Employing 4500 people and with a budget of nearly £100 million, Darlington Borough Council provides a broad range of services that touch the lives of all who live and and work in the Borough. Within its service departments an ethos exists to ensure all employeesstrive for continuous improvement within their respective areas and this extends to the organization Health and Safety Departments. Read on to learn how Tabaq helped change that…

The Challenge

The health & and safety department at Darlington Borough Council was facin a chalange in streamlining the incident reporting system within the department. Some of the challenges face were:

  • How to show audit trail on incident and accident report forms and due diligence by H&S department in reporting and resolving issues?
  • How to make sure staff is correctly filling the risk assesssments on manual handling and other procedures?
  • Full traceability of All activities to internal and external auditors.
  • Easier access to correct version of document and supporting information.
  • Reduce staff training costsregarding H&S issues.
  • How to train field staff that does not have access to computers?
  • Improve the reporting of actions and staff training to senior managers and directors.
  • Improve the quality of information being reported on.
  • Improve accessibility for DBC line manager staff review on H&S matters
  • Analytics and Reporting
The Outcome

Responsible for supporting the health and safety support services within the Council, Kurt Busutill, Health abd Safety Manager works with Corporate Services to ensure all departments have the support and facilities to work in a safe and risk free environment.

To support the process, Kurt has selected Tabaq Software’s Policy and procedure management application, jComply to control and manage accident and incident reporting. Over the course of 2010, Kurt and his team will use the application and the pre-designed report workflow templates to measure process improvements, reducing the cost of doing so and generally improving on the auditing of the entire process.

Tabaq Software is providing the Council prebuilt electronic templates delivered within jComply, which includes the following:

  • Accident reporting & investigation
  • Incident reporting
  • Near-miss reporting
  • eLearning solution for DBC field staff with no computer access
  • Health abd Safety inspections
  • Health and Safety non-compliance
  • Rist Assessment template
  • Manual Handling assessment

Implimenting jComply has completely eliminated paperwork from thr incident reporting within the heaith & safety department of the council.Quality of information is protected through automated tracking system and version control within jComply. Everytime a user makes a change in any document it is version controlled and the latest version is available for use without going through a number of files to determine which the latest is. The concil is able to train employees in a much more efficient way then before through the eLearning module. Employeess can train in their own time to educate themselves on any new procedure. For resource that do not have access to computers a system has been devised to ensure that their imfomation is fully automated.A printed form is generated by jComply which is filled by the field staff and scanned back into jComply.

The inbuilt reporting suite of jComply has helped the management to produce athentic reports with a simple click.Each step can be accounted for through the complete audit system of jComply.management bcan check and verify which report or form was filled by which individual at any given point in time.


The implimentation of jComply was helped the Darlington Borrough Council in reducing the time and cost of incident reporting. Paper work has been completely eliminated from the process. management has more control over the traceability of the entire process.


“Tabaq Software has been instrumental in designing workflow based reporting forms for us. With jComply our entire system of incident reporting is now auttomated I would recommend Tabaq to anyone!!”

  • — Solomon Soyinka, Lilycuddles
    Although I can be difficult with my requirement and tight budget. They still managed to get the work done to my requirement. I have had few projects done with them on my site and will still keep using Tabaq.

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