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Direct Specs Ecommerce for Opticians Casestudy by Yellow Pixel

Direct Specs

High Street Opticians from Midlands

Direct Specs optician website casestudy mobile

The Challenge

Migrate the optician website from a proprietary ecommerce platform.

Direct Specs is a chain of high street opticians with practices based in Wolverhampton and surrounding counties in the Midlands. The previous website was built on a proprietary system with serious limitations in design and functionality. There was no option to personalise the glasses order and the admin had to adopt significant workarounds to do simple day to day tasks.

Direct Specs team was looking to create a modern online opticians website which would expand their high street business in the online ecommerce sector. The choice of ecommerce platform was important to ensure Direct Specs staff could manage the website independently.

The very capable team at Direct Specs had created a workflow of customer journey with a list of desired features which included the ability to enter and save prescriptions, recommend lenses on the basis of prescription, upsell with coatings, business logic to prevent data entry issues and more.

The opticians wanted to work with an ecommerce agency that is comfortable with the optics sector and can provide solutions to the problems they were facing. They also wanted someone to guide them with their ecommerce strategy and also provide them with complete services as they did not have any technical staff on-board.

Direct Specs optician website casestudy

The Solution

Optician website design with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Yellow Pixel were selected to develop the ecommerce website for opticians. The experience and knowledge that Yellow Pixel has in the area of optics matched by the technology solutions was convincing enough for Direct Specs to put their trust behind Yellow Pixel’s team. WordPress with WooCommerce platform was selected for the project as it fulfilled the technology requirements especially the comfort Direct Specs team had in using and working with WordPress.

As a full-service ecommerce web design agency based out of Wokingham, Yellow Pixel provided the following services to setup the new ecommerce for opticians:

  • WordPress and WooCommerce Setup
  • Custom order development
  • Prescription edit and save feature
  • Business rules for lens recommendation
  • Product and catalogue setup
  • Personalise theme design
  • Payment gateway setup
  • Implement various extensions

Setting up ecommerce for opticians requires comprehensive domain knowledge and experience in providing technology solutions. Together with Direct Specs, we have setup a road map of improvements and enhancements which will continue to support the high street chain. We wish Direct Specs the very best of success!

Launch Site

Direct Specs optician website testimonial

– Hannah Shepherd

We hired Yellow Pixel for our new website, for which we had a tight budget and needed a level of custom coding for the checkout process. After a number of conversations with Yellow Pixel team to plan it out, we decided to go ahead with the project. Throughout, Yellow Pixel have been helpful and competent – completing the project in good time and often going above and beyond. We would recommend them to anybody looking for a new website.


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