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Hotbox Storage Challenges

The Challenge

How to build a brand for Agile Workplace?

Hotbox has grown from one flexible office storage solution to five Hotbox products available in over 35 countries. The biggest challenge Hotbox faced was to educate the customers on which products will suit their lifestyle and allow the customers to easily browse through the various accessories available for each product. Selling to 35 countries, Hotbox also faced the challenge to deliver the right message to the right audience. Hotbox also wanted the website to offer wholesale functionality to the B2B customers which has been the primary focus of the business.

Hotbox Storage Solutions for Agile Workplace by Tabaq

The Solution

Custom Built Product Page Designs.

Team Tabaq worked closely with Hotbox to design customised product page layouts which described each product, showcased its accessories, explained the materials used and allowed customers to toggle between products easily. With additional theme customisation and separate stores for the US and UK markets, Team Tabaq was successful in creating a unique brand for an innovative tech company whose primary goal is to make today’s agile workplace more productive. Team Tabaq is now working closely with Hotbox to further develop and market the innovative brand.

Jamie Rothwell, Hotbox Storage

– Jamie Rothwell

The team at Tabaq have been great and were very hands on right from the start. We came to Tabaq looking for a smarter e-commerce solution that would integrate with our accounting and inventory systems so we could spend more time developing and selling our products.

They have been very patient, knowledgeable and professional in guiding us through this process and we are very happy with the e-commerce platform we have developed. Tabaq are now helping us develop the platform further into a multi-country platform to support our export growth. We are also developing tailored support and marketing programs with Tabaq to really get the most out of the site.


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