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Based out of sunny Greece, the HotCakes Polewear team is made up of professional pole dancers and fashion designers set out to create a premium fashion brand. HotCakes will use premium fabrics to create sexy and sophisticated designs that dancers can use for practice as well as for their performances.

The HotCakes team wanted to create a website design that fully reflected their brand values and inspired their customers through visual storytelling. It was clear from the start that the website would not only need to be attractive but would also need to be highly optimised for conversions. From a list of Shopify partners, the HotCakes team selected Yellow Pixel for their experience in the clothing sector and for their speciality in conversion optimisations.

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We hired Yellow Pixel for our new website, for which we had a tight budget and needed a level of custom coding for the checkout process.

Plousia Partheni

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The Challenge

Create a visually stimulating design for both B2C and B2B commerce

The Polewear clothing sector as a whole lacks the presence of professionally created ecommerce websites. Even the leading websites have banners without headlines and CTAs (call to action). Branding generally does not flow in most websites and there is more emphasis towards flooding the website with large catalogues of clothing brands.

HotCakes team on the other hand are set out to design and manufacture their own clothes. Hence, it was really important that the website design fully reflected the branding.

Apart from B2C, there is also a B2B element to the business which will include defining the B2B ecommerce strategy and implementing the B2B functionality on the website.

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The Solution

A Shopify website design optimised for conversions

UX/UI Design
Conversion Optimisation
Solution Design & Architecture
App Integrations

The HotCakes team had shortlisted a number of Greece and London based agencies but decided to work with Yellow Pixel. Being a full-service web design agency and the past experience in supporting customers in the clothing sector played a big role in this selection.

Our approach in designing the website for HotCakes Polewear included competitor analysis and market research in not only the Polewear clothing market but also in the general clothing and swimwear sector. We wanted to bring professionalism in online merchandising, design flow, branding, and visual storytelling to online Polewear clothing. The outcome is a website design that is worthy of launching a premium Polewear clothing brand. The artistic flair inherent within the HotCakes team played a big role in creating a copy and images that supported our vision.

The new Polewear clothing website will be supported with an ongoing marketing and social media growth strategy to establish the new brand, HotCakes Polewear.

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We hired Yellow Pixel for our new website, for which we had a tight budget and needed a level of custom coding for the checkout process. After a number of conversations with Yellow Pixel team to plan it out, we decided to go ahead with the project. Throughout, Yellow Pixel have been helpful and competent – completing the project in good time and often going above and beyond. We would recommend them to anybody looking for a new website.

Maro Damdoumi
HotCakes Polewear

hotcakes polewear designed for conversions

Designed For Conversions

The target audience for the HotCakes Polewear website are women. Every aspect of the site has been optimised with the audience in mind whether that is the light weight font used in headings, the photography, use of subtle colours in background and not to mention the product description, size & fit and care tips listed on the product page.

The website’s audience is bilingual, that is Greek and English. Hence the website translations are available in both these languages.

The navigation menu has been optimised to feature New In, Shop and their exclusive product range under collectibles. The New In feed has also been placed on the homepage so returning customers don’t have to look hard to find the new products launched by the brand.

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The Result

HotCakes Polewear website on Shopify

HotCakes Polewear has been really popular on Instagram. The stars and influencers behind the brand now have Shopify website for their brand that is already making a mark in the Polewear clothing sector.

Our team will continue to work with the HotCakes team in marketing and further supporting the business. We wish HotCakes Polewear all the best for the future.


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