Shopify Multistore Design for Kitzini

Kitchen Accessories Brand

The Challenge

How to sell on different marketplaces?

With 50% increase in growth, Kitzini was looking to expand from US into the EU market but the marketing challenge was to offer localised content to each region while using FBA for fulfillment. WordPress could not support the business needs anymore. Kitzini needed a platform that was scalable and could integrate easily with other apps for lead generation and for offering targeted content for their targeted audience. Kitzini also wanted to make sure customer can automatically find their relevant stores.

The Solution

Multiple Stores for EU and US Markets.

Team Tabaq went to the drawing with a plan to create two Shopify stores with an optimised content designed for the EU and US markets. Using wireframes, we designed custom page layouts to provide a unique user experience to customers. A complete marketing automation workflow was created to signup users into Kitzini Club, offer downloadabe recipe ebooks, segment customer information, capture leads and send automated marketing material to users. Both the EU and US sites are supported with geo targeting. With Shopify customisation and marketing automation, we have created a unique branded experience for Kitzini customers.

Vanessa Burrow, Kitzini

– Vanessa Burrow

Tabaq have been great at advising and trouble shooting a relatively complex multi-country project. From the first brief we were impressed with their grasp of our objectives and challenges and with their advice. The final store is just what we are looking for and we are excited to continue working with them to drive increased traffic to our new store.


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