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Thread Tales Company is based in Oxford and source their fabrics from Nepal. Their products offer comfort and luxury and are weaved from ethical, sustainable and rare raw materials such as silk and lotus yarn. The designer behind TTC (Thread Tales Company), Katherine Maunder wanted their customers to experience their products and what their company is all about through visual storytelling. They also wanted a full page width design to create a marketing brochure and educate people about sustainability. These custom requirements could not be met with Shopify’s static html pages and a bespoke approach was required.

Thread Tales Company‘s previous website was built on Shopify using a theme. However, the stakeholders behind the brand were looking for a Shopify website design that would improve the conversions and support Katherine’s designs.

The Thread Tales Company’s previous development company recommended them to contact Yellow Pixel to help with conversion optimisation and to redesign the website based on their bespoke requirements. Yellow Pixel team was up for the challenge!

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Our previous development company recommended us to contact Yellow Pixel to help with conversion optimisation and to redesign the website.

Katherine Maunder

The Challenge yellow pixel square

Customise the theme to create bespoke visual designs

Sustainability is core to the values held by the Thread Tales Company brand. The challenge was to not only educate the customer about sustainability but also to demonstrate to the customer that sustainability and ethical sourcing is the heart and soul of the Thread Tales Company’s brand.

The TTC team wanted to create a mini website on sustainability to educate the customers on their ethical sourcing. The photoshoots were organised in Nepal to show the sources of raw materials, workers in their native environment and models showcasing the finished products. We were then asked to create visual design mockups that fully utilised the pictures and carefully written copy. Shopify, out of the box does not include any page design elements which meant designing and developing all the Shopify website designs from scratch.

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The Solution

Shopify Website Design Optimised For Conversions

UX/UI Design
Custom Development
Conversion Optimisation
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Yellow Pixel were referred by another web design agency to Thread Tales team. The experience and knowledge that Yellow Pixel has in developing custom solutions on Shopify ecommerce platform were convincing enough for Thread Tales to put their trust behind our team. Our UX designer took the requirements on board and researched competitor sites and reference material that Thread Tales had provided to create visual design mockups for the new website.

Shopify 1.0 had less theme customisation options at the time. However, our Shopify developers took the challenge head on and turned the designs into dynamic, functioning and responsive pages.

The work was completed in various phases where each phase followed the same process of research, mockups visualisations, custom development, testing and implementation on live website. Thread Tales has been a pleasure to work with and we wish them the very best of success!

thread tales lifestyle image

We had a tight deadline to update our website, and Yellow Pixel were suggested from our previous developers. We are very happy we were directed to them because the team were ready to get on with the work and meet our deadlines. Great communication throughout the process, and extremely easy to work with. Questions were answered very quickly and fully, so there was always a clear understanding. We are very pleased with the results, and highly recommend Yellow Pixel.

Vanya Oliver
Thread Tales

Theme Customisation

Visual designs, dynamic functionality, customer journey and custom features to push your website to a new level

thread tales shopify theme customisation

Smart Merchandising

Customer journey is about delivering a unique experience to the user. Sometimes this is done in subtle ways that the user cannot put his/her finger on but leave the website feeling really positive and reassured.

For Thread Tales Company, we customised the layout of the PLP (Product Listing Page) to show images of the product. The user can browse the products and click on a product image to open up the PDP (Product Detail Page) to now see the lifestyle image of a model wearing the garment. For the user, the number of clicks are reduced and they are inspired by the lifestyle image.

The PDP page is further supported by the custom made icons which display various properties of the garment.


Unlike WordPress, Shopify is not built on a blogging platform and does not include page design features. Out of the box, Shopify web pages support html which means that if you want to create visually expressive and well designed brochure style web pages, you have to custom develop them. This is exactly what we did when we developed the sustainability pages for Thread Tales Company.

The design brief was to create a full browser-width design that fully utilises the dramatic imagery with carefully crafted copy to tell the story of sustainability to the end user.

thread tales shopify website design for sustainability

Story Telling

Story telling is the heart and soul of the Thread Tales brand. The creators behind the brand wanted to tell their stories to the audience in their own way. We created a custom section on the homepage designed to showcase the main story in the middle in large size.

An even more creative approach was used for the main Stories blog page. The objective was to create a storyboard style landing page which can support an image, animated gif or a video in portrait or landscape size that would automatically slot itself in the timeline. The result is a visually stimulating storyboard that shows still image and running animations all at the same time. This is how we delivered a unique brand experience to this high-end clothing brand from Oxford, Thread Tales Company.

thread tales shopify website design for stories blog page

Results yellow pixel square

Highly optimised Shopify website design for Thread Tales Company

Thread Tales Company brand is all about sustainable living and it has taken a number of phases and efforts to develop it. From the early stage of creating the website to procure the initial investment to developing mature features to provide enhanced customer journey, the site has come a long way.

We have seen the brand grow over the years and are looking forward to supporting Thread Tales Company in the years to come.


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