Are cloud technologies really that new?  The answer is no, cloud has been around for a long time.  However, the technologies have evolved to offer a highly optimised, scalable, secure and robust blend of servers, databases, storage and a wide spectrum of application services available over the internet through any device.  From a business point of view, cloud means no hardware and capital costs up front.  In fact, you can start with the free tier and scale up as your application usage increases.  Cloud has brought about a paradigm shift in the consumer investment behaviour.

At Tabaq, we realised the benefits of the cloud technologies and educated ourselves in the cloud ecosystem early on so we could pass the benefits on to our clients.  Over time, we have not only deployed websites, legacy systems, bespoke applications and mobile apps on cloud but also built applications designed on servers and services offered by cloud infrastructure.  AWS or Amazon Web Services is a great example of cloud infrastructure which offers EC2 for servers, S3 for storage, RDS for relational databases, SES for email sending service, SNS for push notification services and a myriad of other services available on demand.

jComply is an excellent case study of a cloud-based application designed and built on the servers and services offered by Amazon Web Services.  jComply for business allows you to connect with your colleagues, share files online, collaborate with teams, train employees and prove compliance.  jComply offers solutions for policy management, enterprise social collaboration, risk management and training over the cloud and using any device.  Built completely on AWS, jComply uses EC2 for server instances, S3 for storage, SES for sending emails and SNS for push notification services.

Any of the services provided by the cloud infrastructure can be used separately or together provided what’s needed by the application.  At Tabaq we follow a mature six step process to engage with our clients and take someone from the idea stage all the way to launch and post launch support.

Some of the benefits of designing your application on cloud infrastructure are:

  1. No upfront hardware costs.  You pay for what you use.
  2. It’s scalable.  You can start small and get more resources as the usage increases.
  3. Rely on excellent support and tailor the support plan to your needs
  4. Focus on what drives your business, getting new customers and meeting your conversion goals instead of spending money on data centres.
  5. There are no limits, you can go global in minutes and deploy an application in Singapore from your office in London.

If you have an idea or a legacy system that you would like to develop or migrate to the cloud, get in touch with us today.  Visit Cloud-based Applications to learn more about the cloud platforms, solutions and why you should choose us.