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Ecommerce For Opticians
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Optique Derby is a high street optician from Derby that provides premium brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Tom Ford, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and premium optician services.  Opticians were hit hard during the Covid-19 lockdowns which encouraged the business to expand online. The owners wanted to create a new online eyewear brand that would use the dropship model to market the glasses with an easy to use glasses selection and lens ordering process.

The Optique Derby team had no experience in running an online business and needed hand holding from the beginning. They wanted to work with a company that can be a one-stop-shop and provide website design, development, product setup, SEO and digital marketing services. Yellow Pixel has advanced expertise and knowledgebase when it comes to the optical sector and also provides bespoke ecommerce solutions for opticians. The Optique Derby team was convinced and selected Yellow Pixel to develop their new ecommerce website.

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It is a pleasure for me to recommend Yellow Pixel to any and all interested parties. Yellow Pixel’s team has been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together.

Sheraz Malik

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Design a Shopify website for a high street optician.

Being a high street optician, our clients knew how the optics industry worked but had no idea how to run an online business. They didn’t know how to setup the products, how to run marketing campaigns, and how to read analytics? The challenge for us was to design a website which is optimised for a high conversion rate, then setup and implement a marketing strategy for the new brand.

The opticians wanted to work with an ecommerce agency that is comfortable with the optics sector and can provide solutions to the problems they were facing. They also wanted someone to guide them with their ecommerce strategy and also provide them with complete services as they did not have any technical staff on-board.

In terms of design, the client required an ecommerce web design which will compliment the designer brands they represent and the quality service they provide. They wanted their customers to be able to enter their prescriptions and select lenses they needed. The interface had to be simple and intuitive as the optical lens selection process is complicated enough.

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Shopify eCommerce web design for Ardor Eyewear.

UX/UI Design
Conversion Optimisation
Solution Design & Architecture
LenzAdvisor App Integration
Search Engine Optimisation
PPC / Google Shopping Campaign
Product Setup

Yellow Pixel were selected straight away after the very first call. The experience and knowledge that Yellow Pixel has in the area of optics matched by the technology solutions was convincing enough for Optique Derby to put their trust behind Yellow Pixel’s team.

Setting up ecommerce for opticians requires comprehensive domain knowledge and experience in providing technology solutions. In this case, a simple and intuitive solution for lens selection and prescription entry was implemented using the LensAdvisor app.

Since launch, the Yellow Pixel team has been responsible for the management of the website including design changes, product setup, search engine optimisation, google shopping ads, and social media campaign management.

Ardor Eyewear Ecommerce for online opticians casestudy by Yellow Pixel

It was daunting trying to find someone to create ARDOR eyewear, however once l had a chat with Sultan l knew I was talking to the right company. Their personal service is something that l prefer and the YP team is always an email or phone call away to help. The service has always been 5 stars.

The end result was a website that is attractive, organised and effective. The modern look that l was after was also accomplished.

I personally want to thank Yellow Pixel for their patience and diligence on promptly meeting each of my requests for the website during its development.

Sheraz Malik
Ardor Eyewear

Google Shopping Campaigns

Yellow Pixel has been running the Google Shopping campaigns for Ardor Eyewear since the store launch. These campaigns have been instrumental in generating the traffic for the website which in return has lead to an increase in revenue making it a sustainable business. The paid campaigns generate a healthy conversion rate of approximately 1.5%.

Our PPC strategy is optimised for Ardor Eyewear on an ongoing basis creating multiple touch points for the users throughout their customer journey. From their initial introduction to the brand when they perform a text search on google, the brand image is reinforced through dynamic display ads and Google shopping ads. These highly optimised campaigns introduce the brand to new users, build trust and eventually convert the users into paying customers.

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Resultsyellow pixel square

Shopify Website For Ardor Eyewear
Optimised For Conversions

Ardor Eyewear was launched in 2021 and since then, it has become an established brand in the eyewear sector. Yellow Pixel is a full service agency that has managed all aspects of the online business, from website design to conversion optimisation, product setup, running SEO on monthly basis and managing Google shopping campaigns.

Since it’s launch, Ardor Eyewear has seen consistent growth in each period and has optimistic growth plans. We at Yellow Pixel will continue to work with Ardor Eyewear in determing and implementing the marketing strategy for the growing eyewear brand.


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