Twitter made waves when they brought out their product pages platform thus entering the thriving ecommerce market; they’re allowing retailers to advertise directly through twitter by creating product pages separate from user’s timelines. These pages will contain pictures and information about the product and some will even include a “buy” button which allows users to buy directly through Twitter. These pages will also link to user reviews and tweets about the product allowing potential buyers to be as up to date and in the know as possible.

This move Twitter has made shows just how fast the internet and computers have made things, now as soon as you’ve seen a product you can know everything you want to know, understand what other people think and even purchase it right then and there.

Currently Twitter has only offered this service to a few select companies such as HBO and Nike as well as a few celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres and Reese Witherspoon. Currently Twitter isn’t taking any of the proceeds from the sales but no doubt when they’ve determined how effective this service is they’ll offer it to anyone and take some of the money for themselves.

When this does become more accessible it will be an invaluable tool to anyone that wants to get their products out there. Twitters huge user base will guarantee sales and the speed at which everything can be done will remove any hassle the consumer may otherwise feel annoyed to go through. If this is a success then the future for commerce looks to be moving even faster, and retailers will need to keep up.