Shopify Store Design and Theme Customisation


Theme customisation for blood testing services

The Challenge

Customise Theme for Blood Testing Services.

Drugtest.London is a longstanding client with Tabaq and for their new site STDTest.London, the client needed the theme customisation to deliver a personalised experience to the end users.  This personalised experience had to be delivered through an optimised search feature and enhancing the product page layout.

Theme customisation with optimised search feature

The Customisation

Optimised Search Experience.

STDTest.London wanted their users to be able to easily find the test they are looking for whether they are using their PC or a mobile device.  Team Tabaq designed a simple and fast search feature which allows users to search for any test. The search uses predictive text to present the results to the user in a dropdown as the user enters a letter or a word.

Product page layout customisation for STDTest.London

The Customisation

Enhanced Product Page Layout.

The conventional layout of the collection page, product tile and product detail page could not deliver the design features required by STDTest.London. Compared to a conventional theme, the website did not need product images, instead it required product title, description, price and labels to be displayed.  Hence the entire layout of the product tile and the product detail page had to be redesigned.

Tabaq client STD.London product page

The Solution

Personalised User Experience with Shopify.

Tabaq has worked as a long term ecommerce partner with the client providing bespoke solutions on Shopify platform. Team Tabaq worked closely with the client in designing bespoke layouts of the product tile, product page and search functionality.  With a personalised theme, Team Tabaq has been successful in delivering a highly desirable and optimised customer experience to the STDTest.London client base.

Testimonial by tabaq client Dr. Amer Sheikh, STDTest.London

– Dr. Amer Sheikh, Director

Tabaq did a great job with my previous e-commerce site so I asked them to design my next project. This was going to be a little more complicated and needed some serious customisation. The Tabaq team spent time in understanding my requirements and what effect I was trying to achieve. Not only did they deliver exactly what I asked for, but they also suggested and built in extra functionality that I hadn’t thought of myself. They really went above and beyond.


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